Are you left or right eyed?

Most people think that if they are right-handed, then they must be “right eye dominant”. Then the folks who are left-handed must be “left eye dominant”… is that really true?

When I say you are “right eyed” means that you see with your right eye, therefore you would use your right eye to look into the viewfinder. Most right handers do that… even I at one time used my right eye to see & shoot through the viewfinder of a DSLR. Until I found out it was actually my left eye that was dominant!

How do you check which is your dominant eye?

Do this…

Look at an object which is relatively at a distance, perhaps a lamp across the room or a building across the street. Now use your index finger & point straight at that object with both your eyes opened. Then, close one eye… & then the other. You will notice that only one eye is actually pointing at the object… the other one would have missed the target completely.

If you close your left eye & you see that your index finger is pointing correctly at the object, then you are right eye dominant. If it were the right eye that your closed, then you are left eye dominant.

If you have been shooting with your dominant eye all this while… good for you. Nothing to worry about!

But if you were like me… I’m a right hander but my dominant eye is the left eye… then you will need to change!

Why should I change? Why can’t I continue to shoot with my non-dominant eye?

There are a couple of very good reasons…

1. Increase in astigmatism power – I kid you not! My power increased for both eyes… but much worse for my left eye because I was squinting it.

2. It’s quite uncomfortable – Seriously if you discover that you have been looking into the viewfinder with your non-dominant eye… try swapping over to your dominant eye for the next time you go out to shoot with your DSLR. It will get a bit of getting use to, but your eyes will feel a lot less tired & a lot more comfortable.

3. You may not “see everything” – Not sure how to explain this one to be honest. When I switched from my right eye to my left eye looking into the viewfinder, I was seeing things I never saw when I was shooting using my right eye. Things looked clearer & less cluttered. It would seem that my mind was able to process what I saw through the viewfinder much better & clearer when I used my dominant eye.

Either way, word of advise. Do not squint your other eye when you are shooting a DSLR. I see many folks do this & it’s certainly not healthy. Keep both eyes opened & just look through the viewfinder with one eye.



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