I wanted to buy something online, but they don’t ship to Malaysia!!! How???

Seeing how I was going to be travelling later this year, keeping my belongings safe is going to be a priority. More so where I’m going is a place where a number of folks have lost their belongings to thieves. So the product that I was interested in is not found anywhere here in Penang… or even Malaysia for the fact. And the problem was that the online stores that sold this item don’t ship stuff over to Malaysia.

So I was asking around the other day & thanks to Cat, suggested I give vPOST a try. vPOST is a Singaporean service & part of Singapore post… what they do is when you register with them, you are given a forwarding address in the USA, Europe & Japan. So the idea is, when you buy an item online which cannot be shipped to this region, you set it up so that the purchase goes to one of these forwarding addresses. Then later vPOST will mail it to your address here in Malaysia.

This was the timeline for a purchase I made recently…

10-Aug : Made online purchase from ebags.com & forwarded purchase invoice to vPOSTusa
11-Aug : Got notification from ebags.com that item is to be shipped on this day to the vPOSTusa address.
12-Aug : Received reply from vPOSTusa that they received my purchase invoice have successfully entered the details into their system.
13-Aug : vPOSTusa informed that the goods have reached the USA address & the charges for shipping the product to my home address in Penang is SGD24.40 base charge, SGD16.80 weight charge (min 1.5kg which was the amount charged) & SGD1.50 fuel surcharge… total SGD42.70. Because I used HSBC, I have a 50% promo code discount for the 1st purchase over vPOST. Future purchases I get 30% promo code discount subsequent purchases. I made payment online on this day & got a notification on the same day that payment was made.
23-Aug : Got a call from POSTLAJU that my packaged arrived… funny thing was it came in a UPS box lol… must be what was used to courier the thing over here from the US.

So not bad for a first time experience. I got the stuff I wanted & I didn’t need to haggle any of my office colleagues coming back from a business trip to Austin to buy stuff for me… haha!

Oh, what I purchased was this….

It’s a Pacsafe CarrySafe 300. I fixed it onto my ThinkTank camera bag & fits perfectly… even the color is matching! The features are cool… it’s a snatchproof shoulder strap with a built-in combination lock which you can use to secure to fixtures & locks it there. The locking mechanism even has a wire to secure your zippers so people cannot access the contents of your bag’s main compartment. The strap is also wire-reinforced & is slash proof. Cool eh?

I might buy the Pacsafe CarrySafe 100 for my camera since now it’s so easy to make purchases online!


3 responses to “I wanted to buy something online, but they don’t ship to Malaysia!!! How???”

  1. Tse Chien says :

    Nice, if you want a unused PacSafe Exomesh 120L (http://www.pacsafe.com/www/index.php?_room=3&_action=detail&id=49), I got one!

  2. choy says :

    this is another good example of vPOST, she is doing the part-time sales for vPOST in Seatle, a taiwanese housewife.
    if you can read chinese (get the web-translator to assist), pls see link below, the email contact is there.


    glad I can help here,

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