How cheap and nutcase can you get?

After reading this, you guys will probably know where my latest Guess Where photo is…lol!

I was in town looking for something to eat & “drink”, so I happened into this British pub called SoHo at upper Penang Road. Most Penangites know where this place is… it’s been around for quite a number of years.

Found myself a comfy spot & got the waiter to pour me a pint of Kilkenny! Yummy! I was savoring this creamy beverage while waiting for my Tiger Steak Pie… oooh… even the name sounds yummy.. yeah! It’s actually a beef pie marinated in Tiger Beer… woohoo!

While enjoying my drink & taking some snapshots of the interior, I was alerted by cheap skate, obnoxious, lunatic uncle at 3 o’clock! When he first walked in, the waiters were very unhappy with his presence, obviously he had been there before & must have caused quite a ruckus previously. He was almost thrown out of the bar… but one of the nice Filipino waitress sat him at a table & kept him calm. He brought in his kopi O in a plastic take away & told the waiter to empty it into a beer glass… which the guy at the bar reluctantly did. So if you hadn’t seen that bit, you’d think that the uncle was high & mighty taking on a pint of Guinness! Man… how cheap can you be!?

So while I was enjoying my pie, our Mr. “more than happy” was busy entertaining himself & I kid you not, he was talking to himself… in first person… He’d say something, shift his seating position sideways & laugh at himself lol! Then he went back to impersonate the other person he was talking to! Walau! This went on like for the entire duration I was there until I left! This dude was freakazoid!

So I had to be really careful to take this shot… haha! Good thing me camera had liveview & silent shooting. Otherwise, I’d be this nut case’s good friend for the rest of the afternoon lol!


One response to “How cheap and nutcase can you get?”

  1. choy says :

    what a coincident, I did a similar “guess where photo” in my FB too.


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