Canon EOS 60D… for the first time!

For the first time ever, Canon’s EOS System, the latest 60D camera features an articulated LCD screen… what Canon calls the Vari-Angle 3-inch Clear View LCD screen. This anti-reflective screen with smudge-resistant coating boasts 1,040,000 dot/VGA resolution. This design is excellent for composition involving low-angle or overhead shots, whether it’s capturing stills or taking Full HD video clips.

Another new feature on the EOS 60D is the camera’s new Multi-Control Dial, which has the Multi-Controller & Set button inside the Quick Control Dial. One of the reasons for this change is to enable a more accessible controller should the camera be used in an upright vertical position such as if it is attached with a battery grip. Also there is a new mode dial lock to prevent accidental changes to the user’s selected shooting mode.

For folks who are pro-“getting it straight out from the camera”, Canon has given the ability to the EOS 60D users new in-camera editing features… letting users enhance their images before they are downloaded to a computer. For the first time on an EOS camera, you can process RAW images, alter image resolution & use the in-camera creative filters to allow users to boost their creative talent.

The RAW image processing features Picture Style, White Balance, Color Space, High-ISO Noise Reduction, Peripheral Illumination Correction, linear distortion correction & chromatic aberration correction. Like some of the more popular RAW processing software, this allows the user to optimize images before they are converted into various resolutions… all without effecting the original RAW image. Below is an example of such optimization. On the left is the original image which is a tad underexposed & looked boring. On the right, the final image right out from the camera.

It is also now possible to alter the resolution of images optimized for 1080HD television or 720×480 resolutions optimal for uploading to social network websites like Facebook. Available also for the first time is the new creative image filters. Common on Canon PowerShot cameras, these fun photo effects allows users to exert their creativeness through four artistic filters. Seen below, from the left is the original followed by the Grainy Black & White effect, Miniature effect & the Toy effect. You can view the Soft Focus effect in my last article Canon EOS 60D… first impressions…

Sorry I don’t have better examples, I’ll try to apply these filters to better examples over the weekend when I have more time to shoot!

Last but not least, is the ability to display cropping lines in Live View for 1:1, 16:9 or 4:3 aspect ratios… including the 3:2 ratio.


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  1. Techpacific says :

    Crisp quality!!!good insight into the world of digital photography
    there is an post which you mite find interesting

  2. goldfries says :

    btw it’s not just display cropping lines in LiveView. You can actually take images in 1:1, 16:9 and 4:3 ratio too.

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