Canon EOS 60D… What are people complaining about?

This should be the last post that I will make talking about the Canon EOS 60D… on a review basis that is. I’ll probably be raving about it in the future as expected. I started this blog based on me acquiring the 5DmkII so the 60D was a little unexpected to say the least. I’ve shot Nikon for many years, never have I got to go to an event, play with some brand new DSLRs & certainly never got to take home one to test run in the field for 2 weeks. Kudos to Canon for their generosity although it’s just a big marketing gimmick haha… let’s put it this way, at least they are willing to put their money where their mouth is & not be stingy about letting amateurs like us field run this baby.

So since I’ve been brainwashed you say by Canon, how can my reviews hold any truth in it & how can I honestly say my thoughts aren’t at the very least biased towards Canon? Well I’m not sure how I can convince you the audience otherwise. If you read my 3 part articles on the comparison of the usability between both systems, I hope my write-ups have been as unbiased as I could have been. I still like some aspects of the Nikon system & I’d like to reiterate that I have not left Nikon because of any bad experience or poor quality images… anything of that sort. In fact the 4-5 years I have shot using Nikon system gained me the experience that I have now. Back in the days when I shot at full Programmable Auto without adjusting anything on my D60 to my D300 doing pseudo HDR & shooting ultra-wides in aperture priority or manual mode, I have gathered some interesting images which I owe completely to Nikon. My respect for the brand has not diminished even now as they set to launch their well advertised D7000 which should be around when the 60D is going on the market in Malaysia.

What are people complaining about?

For those of you who have attended the 60D previews in Penang, KL or Johor probably may have overheard folks in the audience talk about the various aspects of the camera. We as humans tend to focus a little more on the short-comings of things rather than what is new & improved. The 60D was not spared this scrutiny & folks started to form opinions either based on internet rumors or while reviewing the specifications & listening to the presentations that was done by them Canon folks during those previews. Whether or not these opinions really matter while you are out on the field has yet to be proven because as mentioned, this was only a preview. You can’t really say something is broken when you haven’t actually field tested the thing yet.

Since I’ve actually used the thing in the outdoors, I guess I’m as qualified if anything else to comment about the camera’s short-comings. Well, apart from the other 20 folks who got their test units from Canon, of course. My shutter count on the 60D is at 6,305… so yeah I have pretty much used the thing & know a bit about its usability.

What people are saying?

Ok here is the list so far. I’ll put some comments on them to see if they truly are an issue or is it just people’s wish list that Canon put more bells & whistles on the 60D.

It’s not made of Magnesium alloy – Boy this is one of the most mentioned I think. For good reason actually… the 50D was made out of this material so when the announcement came that the 60D would be made out of Polycarbonate resin, xxD users who was looking forward to this upgrade scorned at Canon’s decision to downgrade the body to what some may call “cheap plastic”!

But is it all really that bad? I use a 5DmkII… I actually like the smaller plastic body of the 60D. It’s 8% lighter than if it were made out of magnesium alloy & it is perhaps to most solid made plastic body made by Canon. If you take a look at what this joker did to his D70 & 400D… well the 60D’s body is much better built than the 400D!! lol!

It’s not weather sealed – Do you really go out to shoot when it’s rainy? It’s meant to be an enthusiast & hobbyist DSLR, indeed it’s not meant to be used if you are a photo journalist or nature photographer. Then again if you saw the YouTube clip, the Canon was very strong! lol!

It only has 9 focus points – Technically it’s 9 cross type focus points. Being a 5DmkII user, I only have 1 cross type focus in the center. I was able to shoot Chinese Operas without much trouble. I used the D300 which had like 15 cross sensors if I’m not mistaken so using the 5DmkII, I lost 14 cross type focus points, yet I still managed to shoot & get tact-sharp pictures without any problems. So why should other people have issues?

What really needs to be fixed?

While people are complaining about the issues like those above, more importantly if you really used the camera & it’s functions while in the field, you will find that there are things that really needs fixing. The odd thing is, people don’t see the usability part especially when checking reviews & making decisions to buy a camera. A good camera isn’t just one that takes sharp pictures, or low noise on high ISO … or dynamic range. These are the standard features in a camera & at this day & age, most modern-day DSLR takes sharp photos with reasonable noise levels & up to about 32 stops of dynamic range. A really good camera needs to have the controls all at the right places so that you can make changes quickly & efficiently without getting in the way. So here is what I think needs improvement…

Quick control dial & the control pad – I noticed this on the day we got our 60Ds. Now that the little “joystick” is gone & replaced with a control pad within the quick control dial…. it does cause some discomfort when using the camera. The ladies will be alright because of their small fingers, but each time I have to dial a complete 360, my finger jams or slips from the quick dial because the LCD is in the way & because the surface area of the dial has been compromised to fit the control pad within it. I know the reason for moving the joystick to accommodate the usability of the camera when paired with a battery grip… but seeing that the advantage of the 60D is small size & weight, I’m not slapping a battery grip on it anyways.

Gone are the dual-functions of the buttons on the top of the camera – Since shooting on the 5DmkII, I really liked the way Canon implemented the buttons & controls for quick change of settings. Removing the dual function is like taking a step back & I really don’t understand why this was done. Canon says that through customer feedback, they found the dual-function to be complicated…. really? Now to change White Balance & Picture Style, you need to dive into the menu… isn’t that more complicated?

The video mode on the mode dial – Seriously folks, it’s really dumb of Canon to put the video mode way over the other end of the mode dial. I mean if the video mode was the selling point of the camera, it should have been positioned next to the P or at least the Full Auto mode! This is about the most pissed of part of the 60D that I really find annoying! Sigh!

So there you have it… things that really need to be re-designed & the folks at Canon needs to re-think about the usability of the 60D. I really hope this message gets back to the R&D folks…


10 responses to “Canon EOS 60D… What are people complaining about?”

  1. learnyee says :

    well said on the weather sealing, you need a L lense for it, and that is the killing part of it…

  2. Brian Chong says :

    Technically speaking it’s not weather sealed, or to be exact – it’s only sealed at the battery and memory compartment. 😀

    That said, that doesn’t mean the camera will go bye bye at the slightest rain. Quite often the people who complain about weather seal are not even using it in such demanding environments. Chances are that they’ll scamper for cover at the slight hint of rain.

    learnyee – even with L lens, the 60D / 50D / 40D and whatever lower bodies are not sealed like the 7D.

    • Adrien says :

      Yes. Which is why folks who really need weather seal are those journalists or pro nature photographers. If you thinking of getting an xxD body for pro-work, I think this range of cameras may not suite your needs.

      Thanks for pointing out the bit on mount/battery/memory compartments.

  3. greg says :

    sometimes on outings after a drizzle, there are tiny water particle floating around. some times strong winds also carry them… and you still have a camera around your neck…. weather sealing may help in this context to keep moisture out… or you’re on assignment doing a wedding, and you have to run from car to building while its drizzling, your not going to keep the camera in the bag just to make a dash for the building…
    so this are a couple or real life instances that i personally feel weather proofing may give us slightly extra feel of relief…. so far, 60d has more pros than cons to me….

  4. wanchenghuat says :

    60D is there not to replace the 50D.. its there to replace the 550D.. they are repositioning the product.. a fairer comparison should be done with a 550D rather than with at 50D..

    the 7D was released to replace the 50D.. before 7D, the best cropped body was the 50D but now is the 7D..

    just my 2 cents..

    • Adrien says :

      Yea… you know that… I know that… unfortunately the numbering system have folks wanting the 60D to better the 50D… Also another bunch of folks who simply want the best of the best on the 60D which may not have been realistic where Canon was trying to position it.

  5. Kat says :

    I just got the 60D… pretty much love it however I completely agree about the poor repositioning of the WB now being immersed in the menu although I was able to make the “set” button a quick key to get me to the WB it still was a dumb move. The “q” button too is another quick way to get there but you get everything in the screen and have to toggle around to get to WB, hence why I decided on the “set” button. The video mode I agree is RIDICULOUS and quite annoying!! But for me the biggest selling point is the movable screen! That is brilliant! I now can shoot low or high (I am short so VERY helpful) and I like the fact that I can flip it closed to protect the screen. My 5D mkII and 7D friends are quite jealous. 😉

  6. zul says :

    i always hope that i have one DSLR camera…when i saw the 60D..i become ‘crazy’ hahah…i really2 want that thing…i think 60D is the coolest thing on earth hahah.

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