WhatsApp for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia…

Texting fans will love this app. Think of it as SMS texting without the cost… more like Instant Messaging, only that you don’t need to add your friends like your conventional MSN or Yahoo messenger. I hate the part in an IM software that you’ve just installed on your PC or mobile device & being a new user, you have ZERO, ziltch, nada… friends on your list! Sucks doesn’t it? Well… WhatsApp changes that!

Getting started

Downloading the app is simple. I’m assuming you already have an active iTunes account, so go to iTunes > Categories > Social Networking > Top Paid… there depending on which country you’re from, WhatsApp Messenger should be the No.1 top paid app there.

Since I downloaded Whatsapp earlier when it was first introduced to the iPhone, I got it for free. Now it’s 99 cents… which is equivalent to about MYR3.00. It’s the price you’d pay for a bowl of noodles at a hawker stall. So don’t be cheap! You’ll get your money’s worth after about a month or two using this app.

Setting up

During the setup process, you are required to enter your cell number as your login ID & set a password. The setup will automatically add all the contacts on your phone who uses WhatsApp! Cool eh? You don’t need to add your friends one at a time, the app checks your phonebook on your phone & adds any user who has a WhatsApp account to your Favourites list. See below…

Now the cool part is, if one of your friends purchases an iPhone & later installs WhatsApp, their phone ID automatically gets populated into the Favourites list. Nice?

What are the features?


As I said, all your contacts who have WhatsApp installed on their iPhone, BlackBerry, Android & Nokia (beta) will appear on your Favourites page. Yup, you got that right, this is not just limited to the iPhone!


You can link your WhatsApp status to your Facebook account, so that the status you put on WhatsApp will also appear on Facebook.


Besides standard chat, much like your SMS or basic IM software, you can send media in the form of pictures, video or audio notes to your WhatsApp contact. You can also share contacts & your SatNav location to your friends.

When you send a chat message, you will see green check marks on the text you just sent. One check means the message was sent… two check marks means it was read. Gheezz… looks like Mr. Pan Maha still sleeping!


Some basic settings like chat wallpaper, new message tone & sound/vibrate settings are available. There is even a firewall feature in case you are logged in from behind a network firewall & have problems connecting to WhatsApp.

So what makes this app so cool?

Well for starters you don’t have to add your friends who already have WhatsApp installed on their phones. Then the next thing is, you don’t have to pay MYR0.10 each time you send an SMS. Like I mentioned, 99 cents is nothing compared to the money you save from not having to send an SMS. Yes you will need a data plan but that is much cheaper than text. Also this works in most places around the world when sending an SMS would simply just cost too much. If you use WiFi, you don’t even have to worry about charges to your data plan.

So if you own an iPhone, BlackBerry, Android or even a Nokia… what are you waiting for? Get this app!!


8 responses to “WhatsApp for iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia…”

  1. kumar says :

    I’ve got Whatsapp on my Android phone – it’s USD1.99 per year for me. Whatsapp is not bad, besides being multi-platform, it’s also fairly light on the battery and notifications are pretty much instant.

    It’s about 30% in terms of functionality vs Blackberry’s BBM, but we all know that RIM will never open BBM up to non-BB devices..

  2. sinuwun says :

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  3. Omar says :

    Guys I have a problem with my whatsapp.. i’m using nokia 5800 xpressmusic..and only some of my contacts appear on my favorites. How can i start chatt a person in my contacts whos not on the favorites page but is using whatsapp as well ?

  4. Alscan says :

    your contacts have to be saved in your phone and not on your sim card.


  5. naomi says :

    I have a Nokia N8. And since a week now I do not have Favorites anymore. I cannot see and text anyone because he doesn’t refresh it. What can I do?

  6. kim says :

    great article.
    how do i change my picture of my “profile”? it just uploaded one haphazardly. i have no idea how to get rid of it. HELP!!!

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