It was a fun Canon Photomarathon!!

I don’t get a lot of opportunity to go on photographic outings with groups of friends so this was something I wouldn’t miss. This 4th annual Canon Photomarathon was held on the 16-Oct 2010… the first ever on the island of Penang in Malaysia. I believe close to 2000 photographers signed up for the event & showed up that morning at the city marina for their chance to win an MYR16k EOS 1DmkIV.

For someone who does most of my shooting solo, this was a truly a big social event that I was not about to miss! Me & a group of mates went off on our own in a car so that we could zip around town without the hassle of  time spent on walking… we are a bunch of couch potatoes… what to do? So my group… Suan Lyn, Dioz & Lalat… erm… his name is Lalat King. Lalat meaning house fly.. for good reason actually. Our friend is a macro expert & he actually went around with us using his MPE-65 lens & his modified flash bracket aka stabilizers lol!

We covered quite a bit of ground & went to places like the Protestant Cemetry where the famous Francis Light, founder of Penang was buried… to the Goddess of Mercy temple & even the Ferry Terminal waiting to shoot unsuspecting folks alighting from the Ferry over from Butterworth!

The themes for the day was, (1) Eye on EOS, (2) Humanity & (3) Delicious. We didn’t win anything that day, but it wasn’t the prizes that we were after… it was the journey & the enjoyment that we had which was priceless. Thank you Canon Malaysia for organizing this event here in Penang!!

You can view the winners for the day here.

Here are some scenes from that day… hope you enjoy!

This is a highly popular spot for sunrise photography in Penang. I’ve been here a couple of times. It was rather unique that morning, half of the sky displayed cool colors while the other half was warm.

There was a lot of people there that morning! It was a sea of RED!!

Them organizers were pretty concerned that we Canon users were going to get lost!

Suan Lyn’s interpretation of the 1st theme for the day, Eye on EOS. Well… it didn’t make the final cut lol!

That’s the group. Starting from the top left clockwise… that’s Dioz, Lalat, myself & Suan Lyn!

Someone commented that we jumped from Nikon & landed on a Canon?? ROFL!

I really nearly submitted this for the 3rd theme of the day, Delicious!! We were at the cemetary so we were almost at the verge of dropping dead from Suan Lyn’s “Oh so delicious” expression for this shot. I swear my 60D was melting!

We were at the bar in E&O Hotel… the oldest hotel in Penang. Being in a red shirt bought us access to places not normally open to the public for photography!

Some scenes from during our lunch at the New World Park.

My entry for Humanity.

Some very yummy looking watermelons!!

We were waiting on unsuspecting “prey” to pounce on!

I guess the lady was pretty annoyed with the excessive texting…

Another group photo near to Tunes Hotel… which is next to the Canon Boutique.

My entry for Eye on EOS.

Scary stuff… a zombie photographer!! ROFL!!

My Delicious entry. Of course I’m using Suan Lyn as the model… if not? That Lalat zombie? And trust me you don’t want me to post Dioz’s version of Delicious!!

Well at least one of us got something.. a tiny IXUS USB drive! All because the MC was curious why Lalat entered two macro shots of ants out of the 3 themes for today’s photomarathon!!


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  1. Sunsun says :

    Crazy lalat… hhahaha.. kindna like the pic on the humanity..

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