SnapTell and Google Goggles for the iPhone

I’m going to share with you two very useful applications for the iPhone… SnapTell & Google Goggles.

What is SnapTell?

SnapTell is an internet search application specifically used for books & audio CDs. Although it doesn’t sound like much, it is the way that it searches the information about a book or an audio CD that is unique.

This is the opening page for the application. As you can see, I already have some audio CD history searches from the other day that I was at Artist Gallery. So what you do is, press the camera button & take a photo of let say, an audio CD…

Here I have the soundtrack of the musical motion picture, Phantom of the Opera. Damn…. light was pretty low so there is a little bit of motion blur. Hmmm… let’s see how smart the search filter is…

Oh… not too bad! It actually found some stuff related to the soundtrack album. Ok, I’m going to pick the one 2nd from the top because it most closely resembles what I’m looking for & at the same time it indicates that there are over 239 reviews on it.

Now from the info it tells me the CD scored 4.5 stars out of 5 from 239 reviews from users around the world. It also says I can buy the CD new via for $5.77 or used from $2.61. Good information if you want to compare prices with the local CD stores. Let’s try clicking Wikipedia… you can’t see from the screenshot above, but it’s there if you scroll down a bit.

Cool! More information about Phantom of the Opera. I’ve seen information populate on actual reviews of CDs & also autobiography of book authors. Book lovers & audio CD folks will like this application very much.

What about Google Goggles?

Well, it’s a Google search application for the iPhone which does something like what SnapTell does. It can perform searches using the camera. Here is how it looks like.

Ok nothing too fancy here, just a normal search engine page. Now press the camera button on the top…

Alright I’m going to snap a photo of my computer keyboard… a steelseries keyboard. It doesn’t really have to be aligned straight so it’s pretty smart.

After you snap the photo, the application does a funky animation thingy to indicate that it’s searching the internet for this image equivalent.

Awesome! It detected the SteelSeries logo… let’s press the green bar next to it…

Nice! I didn’t even have to type a thing. You can try experimenting on what images that are out there which this cool app can detect. It’s quite nifty.

Hope this sharing is good for you!


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  1. James says :

    great apps!

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