THE EVENT : TV series

Folks who love conspiracy tv series like the X-Files, 24 or Lost will like THE EVƎNT !

The show centers around 3 plots. Sean Walker, a computer programmer, whose girlfriend is kidnapped; President Elias Martinez, who must deal with detainees at Mount Inostranka; and the detainees themselves and their non-terrestrial origin. We will be expecting a full 22 episodes from this season.

The way the show is filmed is rather similar to a cross between 24, fast paced & full of suspense… Lost, a lot of flashbacks however not quite as mysterious since the viewers are informed when a particular scene took place… and some X-Files, there are some supernatural occurrences but I won’t spoil the fun. Watch the 1st episode & you will understand.

What has the show going is that it doesn’t reveal everything all at once, so it keeps you guessing to who the players really are… good or bad! I love shows like this when the writers keep the audience hungry for more information about what’s happening & why… always the why lol!

The show is about a plane crash which happened in some mountain range in Alaska at the end of World War II. The survivors of the crash aren’t what they seem to be. Their DNA sequencing is 1% off from normal humans… although just a mere 1%, chimpanzees defer from us by 2%… so 1% is plenty! One very obvious difference is that they age very slowly… so slow that some of them don’t seem to appear a day older than they are today compared to when their plane crashed! They were captured by the US government & held for the last 6 decades without even the knowledge of the president.

When the new President Elias Martinez was elected, he discovered this facility used to detain these people & vowed to release them… despite objections from the members of his staff. His plans were put on hold when an assassination was attempted on him… Meanwhile Sean Walker, while taking a holiday on a Caribbean cruise with his girlfriend Leila uncovered the assassination plot when his girlfriend was abducted to force her father who is an airline pilot to assassinate the president…..

A must watch for conspiracy buffs. Don’t miss it!

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