Why the Canon EOS 7D is a great camera

After replacing the Canon EOS 60D with a Canon EOS 7D & using it for the past 2 months, here are the reasons why the 7D is such a great camera…

New 19-point Autofocus system with new AF area selection modes including Spot and Zone AF mode – Unlike the other Canon models or even Nikons, these 19-point AF system are cross type. This means that they focus much better in low light. In comparison to the Canon EOS 5D Mark II which only has 1 cross type AF which is right in the middle. Believe me when I say the EOS 7D focuses much better than the 5D Mark II.
The AF modes also support spot & zone based auto focusing. This is great because when I shoot with an ultra-wide, I want to be using the zone AF mode & which I snap on a 50mm, I’d like to have more control & use the spot AF mode. No other camera I know is capable of this!
This must be the single greatest feature on this camera!

Dual Digic 4 Imaging Processors for speed – For the first time ever on a crop sensor DSLR, Canon put not one Digic processor but two on the Canon EOS 7D. What this means is fast image processing & up to 8 fps continuous shooting. This is excellent for sports & fast paced action.

One of the best Ergonomics on a DSLR – When I first picked up a Canon EOS 7D, it felt like it was made for my hand! It simply can’t be explained. You may just need to go into a Canon showroom & pick one up for yourself to understand this.

New 63-zone Intelligent Focus, Color & Luminance metering system – This camera is able to automatically adjust exposure to near perfection, rarely having to manually adjust for exposure compensation. Having used the older 5D Mark II metering system, the 7D’s metering system I have to say is more superior. The White Balance is spot on in terms of mimicking what the human eye sees & choosing to closely resemble what we see.

Dual Axis Electronic Level – Ah… no longer do I have to adjust the horizon when I shoot landscapes in post processing!

Integrated Speedlite Transmitter – I can now control groups of off-camera speedlites without having to carry around speedlite transmitters.

Dedicated RAW-JPEG button – This is awesome! Whenever I need to shoot the next image in RAW, I just press this button & the camera will capture both a RAW+JPEG at once. And this only happens one time! It was really troublesome to have to dive into the menu system twice to change from JPEG to RAW.. then back to JPEG again. Kudos Canon for thinking of this one!


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2 responses to “Why the Canon EOS 7D is a great camera”

  1. kumar says :

    Good writeup, buddy. A camera like this can be used as a point-and-shoot tool? Pray tell how much one costs..

    • Adrien says :

      Used as a point & shoot… hmm… it may be a little large for that purpose. For point & shoot you might be better off with an S95 instead.

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