Composition : Right in the middle

You may have seen many articles on rules of thirds or placing your subjects off-center to create a better looking image. However in some circumstances, placing the subject dead center may not be a bad idea… assuming the subject is a strong one & holds by itself. At times placing the subject dead center on one axis but having the other axis two-thirds of the way may work very well to make a more powerful image. A strong image isn’t always the one that follows rules but it’s how you are able to bend & break them to create something unique which no one has thought of. Fresh ideas often works best which will make the subject jump out at the audience & wow them.

This was taken inside the Sagrada Família in Barcelona, Spain. The smack in the middle composition was quite obvious on this one. I stuck a tripod (which I later found out I was not supposed to do!) & took 3 exposures to create this HDR image.

Also an obvious choice for a center composition. Despite being dead center on the x-axis, did you notice that there is a 2/3 composition on the y-axis?

Here are more examples of compositions that work when placed in the middle of the frame.

“Converging in the middle”

“Circular Tracks”

“Spinning Top”

“Inside the train”


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