The Kodak Professional BW400CN 135 film

I was skeptical when I first popped this film into my Canon A-1 SLR. I had been away from photography for the most part of December & my friends had to drag me out for a photowalk & some street shooting now & then. Even so it took a little more than a month to finish an entire roll of 36 frames on the Kodak film. I wasn’t expecting anything great because earlier I went through a roll of Ilford XP2 Super & was not impressed with the lack of contrast from the scans.

I do have to be honest as the scans were not apple to apple because even though both negatives were processed at the same photo store, the Ilford I used were scanned using my friend’s flatbed scanner & the Kodak was scanned at the store. I’ll need to scan some frames of the Kodak using the Epson flatbed to do a more thorough comparison later.  Despite that I was very impressed with the results from the Kodak BW400CN in terms of detail & contrast.

Here are some images from the roll of Kodak BW400CN…

Emerging from the Wall

The Fish Guy

More Fish

The Iconic Trishaw of Penang

Of a different era...


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2 responses to “The Kodak Professional BW400CN 135 film”

  1. N-DreW says :

    Wow… quite some fine details and contrast… I kinda like the rendering of the image. It is very sharp and well composed. Did you PPed them? Mind sharing what lens are you using? How much and where did you get the film? Thanks 🙂

    • Adrien says :

      I am guessing the photo lab made adjustments to the contrast & sharpness. I doubt a flat original scan would look this good! This roll was a souvenir from a friend who was recently been to Hong Kong. Film is pretty cheap if you buy it cash there. Over eBay I checked is about RM28 a roll if you buy in bulk of tens. It’s unfortunately not that affordable 😦

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